Our Games

RPG Maker Games:

Thank you for your interest in our games. We are currently working on two projects in RPG Maker:

Adventures: The Tale of Orwendale

    Adventures: The Tale of Orwendale is an in-depth story in a classic RPG style

  • Currently, development on this game is paused while we discuss what direction we want to take it, be it changing the gameplay a bit, or even changing to a different engine.


    AverageLore is a game that was developed during a 24 hour live stream. The story, characters, music, and gameplay were all mapped out in about 17 hours.  It is a quick game revolving around the life of an average guard.

  • This game has also been put on a development pause while we finish balancing combat and testing the mechanics.

Please stay tuned for more information about our titles, as well as screen shots and gameplay videos!